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Atticus Family Law, S.C. is a family law practice with numerous resources available on its website including information about its services, how it can help you, blogs, and more. Contact the Roseville family law attorneys to schedule a consultation. For more details visit us @


What’s Important to Us

  • Knowledge – Awareness, and understanding of the facts, even the smallest detail, is critical to the success of any case.
  • Trust – No one wants to put their future in the hands of someone they can’t rely on or don’t trust.
  • Transparency – When you do things the right way, you should have nothing to hide.
  • Service – Our role is to help others. This is both an obligation and an honor.
  • Responsibility – When a commitment is made, it should be honored.
  • Integrity – Family law should not be used as a way to “punish” anyone.
  • Confidentiality – Your choice to keep certain personal information private should be respected.

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