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Who Are We

Neal Cornett and Brian Murnahan, two Texas entrepreneurs, who wanted to give something to their community, launched www.MyCurbToGo.com April 1, 2020! 

Our goal is simple, we want to help business owners find their way through this COVID-19 crisis. This search engine helps business share the services that they are able to offer and the discounts that they are offering to special groups like service employees.

Meet Our Team

Neal Cornett is the owner and chief strategist of Sigmategy, a digital strategy firm based in North Richland Hills, Texas. Sigmategy helps businesses build an online presence including this website, advertising and strategic using analytics to grow business. 

Like everyone else, we want to help our neighbors and friends who are struggling to keep their businesses open and meet payroll for their hard working staff.

Brian Murnahan is the President of Murnahan Public Relations, a boutique communications firm based in Fort Worth. Murnahan focuses on media relations, crisis communications, content development, issues management, and media training.

CurbMyGo is one way we can all help get more buzz out and safely keep customers doing business during this challenge

Why Choose MyCurbToGo

Your helping business survive and thrive

  • Easily search for a place: Use a map or drop-down options to locate the organizations matching the search criteria. Visitors can use the advanced search system to decide the type of service as well as the radius to explore more places.

  • Comprehensive filter system: The filter system provides a variety of criteria to allow users to limit the search results and quickly find their favorite places.

  • Submit a place listing without hassles: It is quick and easy to set up your business profile, picking the free option or one of the paid alternatives. 

  • Raise their opinions: Visitors will be able to find their favorite places, helping to ease the anxiety of people during this crisis situation. Businesses have the opportunity to really differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Welcome to MyCurbToGo!

Welcome to MyCurbToGo

Murnahan Public Relations

Our sponsor of the day is Murnahan Public Relations - for all your public communication needs. Call today at 817-502-1080 daily from 9 - 5 PM.

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